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10 Expert Tips to Keep Your Dog Active––The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Your Pup

Keep Your Dog Active

How Do You Keep Your Dog Active?


We get it—you love your pup and only want what’s best for them. And while belly rubs, playtime, and treats are essential parts of your pup’s everyday routine––regular exercise is critical to the health and well-being of both you and your fur baby. But with ever-changing recommendations from professionals on how much exercise is necessary––it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to figure out precisely what that means for you as pet parents.

That’s why we here at Genie’s Therapeutics have put together 10 expert tips on how to keep your pup active so that everyone has a happy, healthy lifestyle! So whether it be taking regular walks or playing new games indoors‑–there are plenty of opportunities for you and your furry friend to stay active, exercised, engaged––and most importantly, safe!

10 Expert Tips to Keep Your Dog Active

  1. Understand Your Dog’s Needs
    Dogs have different energy levels based on breed, size, age, and overall health. Some require more exercise than others. For instance, a border collie needs more activity than a French bulldog. Consult a veterinarian to determine the ideal exercise regimen that fits your dog’s needs.
  2. Mix Up Exercises
    Monotonous rote exercises can become tedious for both you and your dog. Introduce a variety of activities that keep them engaged and stimulated. Hiking, swimming, playing fetch, and brisk walks are excellent physical activities.
  3. Start Slowly
    Introduce a workout plan gradually to avoid injury to your dog. Begin with short walks and gradually increase the distance over time. Similarly, start swimming in shallow waters with short sessions and progress to a whole swim.
  4. Invest in Dog Toys
    Dogs love to play, and toys can not only help entertain them but also be used to exercise them. Investing in toys like Kong, Frisbee, and tennis balls can keep your pup engaged when playing fetch or other interactive activities.
  5. Play Tug-of-War
    Dogs love tug-of-war. It develops their muscles, increases their endurance, and encourages agility. Incorporating a few tug-of-war games in your exercise regimen helps keep your dog active and promotes bonding with you too.
  6. Train Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill
    Suppose your dog is unable to get outside due to bad weather. A treadmill provides indoor exercise opportunities without getting wet or chilly. Start slowly and gradually increase your dog’s workout time on the treadmill.
  7. Provide Mental Stimulation
    Dogs can become bored and unresponsive if there is a lack of mental stimulation. Incorporating training routines can be an excellent way to stimulate the brain and exercise the body.
  8. Use Stairs for Exercise
    Stairs are a great way to improve your dog’s agility while exercising. Walking up and down the stairs a few times daily is a great workout that increases their heart rate and promotes weight loss.
  9. Schedule Regular Exercise
    Regular exercise should be a part of your dog’s daily routine, and a consistent schedule is critical when establishing these good habits. Consistency in timing can help your pooch anticipate the exercise activity’s start and mentally prepare for it.
  10. Involve Kids in Activities
    If you have a young child in the house, it’s recommended to involve them in dog exercises if possible. Children provide emotional and physical stimulation to dogs, and it’s a great way to bond.

Conclusion “Keep Your Dog Active”

Exercise is an essential part of keeping your pup happy and healthy. It builds strength, maintains joint mobility, and creates essential bonding opportunities with your pup. When establishing a routine for your dog’s exercise needs, consider what works for you based on the type and age of your pup and the frequency of your routine.

Remain mindful of not doing too much and keep it fun by finding activities that can easily be integrated into each day, allowing you to join in on the fun. doesn’t always have to be a solo activity—be creative with how you mix up the routine! After all, exercise can be a family activity that helps build incredible memories while maintaining ydog’sog’s health and wellness.

At Genie’s Therapeutics, we are here to help you every step of the way!

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