What is a COA?
COA stands for “certificate of analysis,” In other words, a COA is a report which demonstrates what is in each product and that our products are free from harmful by-products and contaminants. All our products will have a COA available to you to show what is in the tincture. Our COA will show a cannabinoid and terpene profile and ensure that no pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, microbials, or mycotoxins are present in any of our products.
Will Genie’s Therapeutics’ products interfere with my dog’s other medications?
Cannabinoids are known to alter the needs of some medications. It competes in the liver with other medicines. Often owners report that they can decrease the amount of their canine’s current medication with the guidance of their veterinarian.
Why do I need to have my dog’s liver enzymes tested?
We recommend having a complete blood screening before starting Genie’s Therapeutics to ensure your canine is safe to begin taking our products. Liver enzymes are known to become elevated after initiating hemp. This effect has been documented in almost every species and has an unknown significance. Science is working hard to pinpoint the cause, but it is incidental and not harmful. We recommend that your canine get regular blood screening during treatment at your veterinarian’s recommendation.
What happens if I give my dog too much?
If you have given your dog more than the recommended dose of our tincture, it is improbable that they would have any symptoms that are not self-limiting. We recommend you call animal poison control in the event of an overdose.
How long will my dog have to take GT?
That all depends on the need. Some owners may use it as a situational therapy, and some may use it for chronic conditions. Genies Therapeutics is safe for long-term use in canines over eight months of age.
Can I give GT to my other pets?
While Genie’s Therapeutics Hemp Signature Blend is generally safe for other pets, dosing for other animals is currently unknown. Once further research exists, Genie has no problem sharing his magic with other animals. Our Advanced Dosing and Concierge Support are based on the most recent research on canines.
Is weight the only consideration when it comes to dosing?
Weight is essential in determining a starting point for the target dose; however, it should not be the sole influencer for the right amount. Just like in people, every dog is different in how they process a substance. Although cannabis products are deemed relatively safe and free from direct side effects, we like to advise a low and slow approach. This low and slow approach helps your canine’s body adjust to all the good stuff it receives. Occasionally, they may experience an upset GI if they are sensitive, so this approach allows us to acclimate slowly.
Can Genie’s Therapeutics be administered directly with the pipette?
Yes, however, it is essential to note that whenever you use the pipette to directly transfer the tincture to the canine’s mouth, you should be cautious not to make direct contact with it. As with humans, our canine’s mouths are full of bacteria. We should avoid contamination of the pipette. If you are concerned that some saliva has gotten in your pipette, please rinse well with warm water and squeeze the bulb on the pipette several times to dry before putting back the tincture vial.
How should Genie’s Therapeutics be stored?
Genie’s Therapeutics products are shelf-stable, meaning they do not have any special storage considerations. There is no need to refrigerate the tincture. We advise you to keep it out of reach of small children and other pets and in a cool, dark place.
What is the shelf life of Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend?
The shelf life of GT Hemp Signature Blend is up to two years in a cool, dark environment.
Why is it priced at $89.95?
You have likely researched canine cannabis use, and we want to thank you for exploring Genie’s Therapeutics. We understand you have other choices. Our Hemp Signature Blend is a superior value. GT prices are competitive per active ingredient with other high-end tinctures that offer strong results. Our product is made from all-natural, pure, organic ingredients to help ensure safety and satisfaction. Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend also comes with a Concierge Program to ensure you get the most out of our wonder tincture. We want both you and your dog to be happy and well!
Why is Genie’s Therapeutics better than competitive offerings?
We believe our Hemp Signature Blend is the best offering on the market for our canine companions because of the research and dedication we have put into our product. Many other inferior products have hit the market in a rush during this new cannabis movement without researching and building a product with quality ingredients. Our Genie’s Therapeutics’ Team has spent time developing a superior product and strives to meet your expectations of customer satisfaction. We are currently the only Cannabis pet company to offer a Concierge Program to ensure you get the most out of our product. Our GT family is driven to help you and your companion live the happiest and healthiest life possible.
Did find what you needed in our Expanded FAQs or do you want to know where you can I learn more?

Please visit any of the following Genie’s Therapeutics’ education pages for more information. Benefits of CBDA, Benefits of CBG, Effects of Cannabinoids on the Canine Body, and Why Carrier Oil Matters and let us know what we need to add to our expanded FAQs.

What does USDA Certified Organic mean?

As per USDA.GOV, “Organic is a labeling term found on products that have been produced using cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. The National Organic Program – part of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service – enforces the organic regulations, ensuring the integrity of the USDA Organic Seal. To make an organic claim or use the USDA Organic Seal, the final product must follow strict production, handling, and labeling standards and go through the organic certification process.  The standards address factors such as soil quality, animal raising practices, and pest and weed control.  Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.”

Has any Genie’s Therapeutics’ products been approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration)?
The FDA does not regulate our products. Currently, there is only one FDA-controlled cannabinoid medication for use in humans. The science and regulations behind cannabinoids are ever-changing. As we grow our knowledge in cannabinoid science across our great country, we will see more and more advancements in the laws. Even though the FDA does not regulate us. We are Certified Organic by USDA to produce a clean product.
What is the difference between full-spectrum extracts and cannabinoid isolates?
Please visit any of the following Genie’s Therapeutics’ education pages for more information. Benefits of CBDA, Benefits of CBG, Effects of Cannabinoids on the Canine Body, and Why Carrier Oil Matters and let us know what we need to add to our expanded FAQs. Cannabinoid isolates are the result of extracting a single cannabinoid and thus removing all the other beneficial molecules like terpenes and other cannabinoids that would normally be found in the raw extract. Full-spectrum blends contain all the hemp plant’s beneficial constituents, leading to a more effective product. Our Signature Blend is a full-spectrum tincture.
What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?
Hemp and marijuana are both plants of the cannabis genus. Both plants contain the beneficial Phytocannabinoids. The big difference is the three letters THC. Hemp is a product used for many purposes, including fiber, oils, and, you guessed it, therapeutic cannabinoid tinctures. For hemp to stay legal for farmers to cultivate, its raw state must contain no greater than 0.3%THC. Growing it below this level allows us to have legal Hemp tinctures in a mostly anti-marijuana country. Now marijuana, on the other hand, contains more than 0.3% THC and is illegal in many states.
Is there THC in Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend?
Genies Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend is below the finished product’s illegal limit of 0.3% THC. Such results allow us to distribute our products across state lines and help as many fur babies as possible!
Are Genie’s Therapeutics’ products legal in the US?
Yes, Genie’s Therapeutics products are legal in all 50 states. We do recommend you check with local laws regarding hemp-derived CBD if you seek further clarification.
If I handle Genie’s Therapeutics’ products, will I show positive on a drug test?

It is exceedingly rare that a drug test would show positive when taking a Hemp based product in humans. In the case of GT, the level of THC in our product is near absent, and coupled with administering it to your pet and not yourself, it would be an anomaly.

Will my dog become addicted to cannabinoids?
The short answer is no. The most cannabinoids known are CBD and THC. THC alone can become habit-forming in humans; however, when combined with other cannabinoids, THC loses much of its habit-forming nature. A little-known fact, CBD is known to treat addictions in humans. There should be no addictive qualities in a CBD-based tincture.
Why won’t my veterinarian talk to me about Genie’s Therapeutics’ Hemp Signature Blend?
It is not uncommon for owners to report that their veterinarian is avoiding the conversation about hemp. Please understand that most veterinarians would love to open this line of communication with you. Still, unfortunately, veterinarians are advised by the veterinary medical board not to discuss hemp or recommend any hemp products. Most cannabis products are not FDA-approved and because they are a medical doctor, they are not at liberty to discuss this with you. We hope to open those lines of communication in the near future and have hemp medicine be an integral part of veterinary medicine. Until then, please ask your veterinarian to note on your canines’ medical records that they are using hemp.
Should I tell my veterinarian about my dog taking Genie’s Therapeutics’ Signature Hemp Blend?
We at Genies Therapeutics believe that your veterinarian should be a part of your canine’s well-being. We encourage you to contact your veterinarian and tell them that your dog is taking our product. This therapy should be a part of the whole wellness picture that you have for your companion. Some medications can be altered using cannabis, so informing your veterinarian about your decision is essential.

Why do we use Genie’s?

  • Joint & Muscular Discomfort
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Energy Improvement
  • Stress and Fear Relief
  • Aids Sensitive Skin
  • Supports Long-Term General Health

Why Genie’s is so effective?

  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Simple and Accurate Dosing
  • Unique blend that includes CBD,CBDA & CBG
  • Veterinary Professional Support
  • Equal Parts Love and Science

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