Doggie paddle: Dog swimming safety and K9 ways to have fun

dog swimming safety

Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming Tips for Dogs

Dog Swimming Safety – Can I Take my Dog Swimming?

🐶Did you know that swimming is a great way for your dog to stay in shape?

👉Follow these helpful tips to keep water splashing safe:

💧Inexperienced dogs should always wear a doggy life jacket..yup they make those!

💧If swimming in the ocean or salt water pools be sure that Fido doesn’t ingest much of the salt water..this can lead to tragic sodium toxicity!

💧Be mindful in ponds of hidden dangers like snapping turtles, alligators and even certain types of algae!

💧If swimming at the ocean it is always best to keep a long leash on your dog to prevent being pulled away in a rip current!

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Here are some more tips from Santa Barbara Humane Society

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